The O’Briens

Thank you for visiting our brand new website – we are really proud of it so far and excited to show it to everyone.

We are a family from Cheshire, consisting of two adults, three kids, one pony and three dogs.

We have fallen in love with horses, and more specifically, our beloved ‘Dottie’. We proudly acquired our first-ever pony in January 2023, but were at a loss as to where to begin with finding a horse. We could not believe how difficult the process was. There were so many “alleged” bad eggs, and we had no idea where to look, who to trust, how much to pay, what breed or age to look for.

Thankfully, we made contact with a wonderful lady near Hull who was a godsend. We firmly believe that our meeting was fated, as it changed our lives for the better.

Once we had conquered this first step, we found ourselves in a minefield of information overload trying to locate a local yard, stable, farrier, groomer, vet, instructor, dentist, and pony club. It was overwhelming, and we could not believe that coordinating this vital information was such a challenge. Moreover, we found no community that offered help, advice, or tips.

Thus, after we had finally sourced all of the above, we did not want others to struggle like we had, and was born. We created this website based on our own frustrations with the lack of help and support available in one place online. We wanted to create a real community that would help everyone and offer all the services and support needed to own your horse or pony.

We understand that there may be mistakes on the website and we may upset some people with the information added, but we are always open to help, advice and feedback. is intended to be everyone’s HorseAndPony.World, and we want everyone to feel part of it.

We have been so inspired by our experiences and look forward to serving the UK horse community.

The O’Briens xx